The embroidered kneelers in St. Luke's were specially designed and made by individual people and by many organisations in the village. The project was coordinated by a member of the congregation and started in 1977. The last set of kneelers was completed to celebrate the bicentenary of the church building in 1992.


Altar Rail Kneeler

Altar Rail Kneeler 1977


History - The project was started in 1977 and on St Luke's Day, October 18th 1979, the five Communion Rail and two Prayer Desk kneelers with twenty-seven congregational kneelers were dedicated. A set of kneelers for the choir stalls was worked in 1981 and in 1992 a group of kneelers based on the 'I AM' sayings of Jesus contained in St. John's Gospel were dedicated to mark the 200th anniversary of the current church building.

I am Kneelers

200th Anniversary Kneelers based on the
'I Am' sayings of Jesus in St John's Gospel

Stitch Detail

Techniques - The kneelers are worked on monocanvas - 16HPI, in Appletons Crewel wool and include many canvas work stitches. The most common stitches used are Rice, Cushion, Longlegged Cross, trammed Goblin straight, Florentine stitch single and Composite; the main shades used are scarlet and gold. The embroidery is upholstered over a strong reconstituted foam pad.

Details of stitches used

Funding and Work - Every organisation in Goostrey together with many individuals donated the kneelers. Dozens of men, women and children from the village and church spent hundreds of hours embroidering nearly 200 kneelers.

Altar Kneeler - The Four Gospels

Altar Kneeler - The Four Gospels
October 1982